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Restructuring and reindustrialisation

Structuring and reorganisation

Entrepreneurs, buyers and company directors all need lawyers capable of answering their questions when they arise. Because any structuring and reorganisation project has multiple facets, a multidisciplinary approach is essential to success. This is the viewpoint of Vaughan Avocats, which has taken the decision to have in-house expertise in all the legal, tax and employment-related competencies that may be called upon. The different areas of expertise work together seamlessly; from the outset of a project, the structuring and reorganisation documents are the subject of an extensive internal consultation between partners to encourage secure, pragmatic and comprehensive legal solutions.

Vaughan Avocats fosters an entrepreneurial culture in its teams. Dual careers among its lawyers are both common and encouraged, particularly experience of both entrepreneurship and working for a company. This approach is essential to offering executive directors a multidisciplinary understanding of the challenges they are facing, from the very first meetings.

Another of the firm’s distinguishing characteristics is its support of executive directors throughout the duration of their projects. Outward-looking, the team of lawyers introduce their clients to partners who are beneficial, in accordance with their objectives (business accelerators, investment funds, accountants, consultants in the employment status of directors, in strategy, in risk prevention etc.). They truly believe in their clients’ success, including when a project is not brought to completion or when difficulties arise.

Areas of practice

Joint venture agreements, complex contracts, consortium agreements | Employee shareholdings | Legal, tax and company audits | Formation of commercial, and civil companies, and associations | Dealer agreements, hosting company agreements | Determination of the founders' tax and employment status | Legal secretariat of companies | Joint venture, temporary company grouping | Reorganisation strategy