Companies in difficulty

Mergers and acquisitions – Private equity

Vaughan Avocats has acquired invaluable experience in mergers, acquisitions and fund raising within its various offices. The firm provides assistance to both buyers and vendors and offers tailored support to growth companies.

Vaughan Avocats’ intervention is characterised by an integrated approach to the challenges and risks associated with long-term financing operations and by the strong presence of its lawyers from the operations structuring phase.

The firm has established successful multidisciplinary collaboration between its lawyers in order to guarantee its clients consideration of all their legal, tax, employment-related, and other issues that may arise, from the outset of the operation to completion.

The firm is sought after by the executive directors of growth companies, to whom it provides advice on the consolidation of their leadership, particularly during external growth operations or the sale of strategic activities.

The Vaughan Avocats team has also developed expertise in the international support of growth companies, drawing on a network of contacts worldwide.

The firm’s lawyers are involved in the operations; they may be called upon, in accordance with professional rules of conduct, to introduce their clients to external professionals in order to satisfy their financing package needs. The firm has extensive experience in coordinating stakeholders around complex operations, bringing together accountants, auditors, funds, banks, management consultants, financial consultants, etc. so as to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Areas of practice

Legal, tax and company audits | Post-acquisition litigation | Acquisition contracts | Finance contracts | Issuance of combined securities (AP, OCA, ORA, BSA, etc.) | Stock market listing | Private equity | Negotiation and drafting of asset and liability guarantees | Leveraged buyout (LBO) transactions | Merger operations | Shareholders' agreement | Investment structuring | Tax and asset structuring of operations