Executive directors and corporate officers

International mobility

Legal, tax and employment-related elements are closely linked to human resource management and the international development of companies. Bearing this in mind, Vaughan Avocats has implemented the resources required to enable companies to manage their international mobility in a comprehensive, high-performing and operational manner.

The firm’s expertise is extensive and recognised in all fields of mobility, and includes experience in the implementation of compensation packages and appropriate social security cover, managing payroll and human resource issues, preparing expatriation and secondment amendments and handling international employment law matters.

One of the firm’s distinguishing characteristics is its ability to gain external assistance on complex international mobility issues, with the support of professional partners in immigration or relocation services, insurance companies, local mobility firms, employment or taxation law firms and local payroll outsourcing firms.

The firm’s extensive expertise in the field of social security law also positions Vaughan Avocats as a front-line player in international mobility-related litigation matters.

Areas of practice

Taxation of expatriates | Employment-related and HR management of international transfers | International mobility policies | International social security | Compensation of mobile executive directors and employees