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Human ressources

As a key player in legal innovation and recognising the fact that an efficient corporate strategy relies on the performance of human capital, Vaughan Avocats has been a leading force in social security law whilst ensuring cross-disciplinarity between the company’s various fields of management.

Human resource management must be structured, yet adaptable to a constantly changing environment, and must acknowledge that its two key components are social security law and the proper management of employees.

With a wealth of experience in company law, a proven work methodology and knowledge of local and sector-based cultures, Vaughan Avocats offers companies, institutions and national and international investors innovative and high-performance solutions through comprehensive and structured legal and judicial assistance.

Vaughan Avocats has assembled a network of diligent partners with whom it has developed a collaborative approach. Whether they are organisation consultants, HR consultants, auditors, payroll/time and activity managers or experts in other fields, its members share common values, a synchronous approach and coordinated resources with Vaughan Avocats. This network, the result of the firm’s continued investment, is a permanent pool of new ideas for innovative and high-performance solutions.

Areas of practice

Labour and Social Law Audit | Social Security Litigation | Individual and collective disputes | Labour relationship | Health, safety and working conditions | Staff representative institutions | Operational and geographical mobility | Optimisation of employment costs | Prevention and management of professional risks | Additional social security | Collective working relationships | Individual working relationships | Individual and collective compensation | Employment-related structuring of companies | Company transformations