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Executive directors and corporate officers

Vaughan Avocats has developed an area of expertise dedicated to executive directors, corporate officers and executive managers. The firm provides advice on their professional development projects and investment transactions, assists them in the negotiation of corporate office or employment contracts, the negotiation or optimisation of their overall compensation or management package, in the execution or termination of an employment contract, in the revocation of their appointment, etc.

Vaughan Avocats offers assistance and representation to executive directors, corporate officers and executive managers before all administrative, civil and arbitration tribunals.

This expertise allows the team to offer solutions to the issues often faced by executive directors, corporate officers and executive managers, such as the determination of an attractive compensation package, additional social security, civil and criminal liability, geographic and/or functional mobility, combination of a corporate office and an employment contract, the creation, takeover or sale of a company, contribution to the capital and financing of companies, etc.

In order to propose solutions adapted to each situation, Vaughan Avocats brings together complementary competencies in areas such as, but not limited to, company law, business law, criminal business law, additional social security law, competition law and tax law.

Family and property-related aspects are taken into account, with the involvement of our asset manager partners where necessary. For Vaughan Avocats, this aspect must be considered as soon as a change in circumstances is envisaged, particularly in cases of international mobility, transfer or succession for example.

Areas of practice

Exit support | Conformity of foreign share plans | Employment and tax-related litigation | Career management | Contract engineering | Management packages | Executive director's international mobility | Additional social security