A founding partner of Vaughan Avocats with a background in business and tax law, Bruno Courtine has established more than 20 years’ practice in employment law in a variety of industrial and commercial fields.

Bruno has made a significant contribution to the firm’s reputation through his approach to the employment-related management of mergers and acquisitions. He is currently extending his expertise to include support during company restructuring and redevelopment. A firm believer in the future of regeneration, he advises companies and buyers on the best implementation of their projects. He is one of very few advisers in a position to provide comprehensive consideration of the corporate, tax, social and environmental issues involved in this type of project, often associated with high political and media-related stakes.

Bruno regularly works alongside judiciary administrators and judicial representatives, particularly regarding the law on insolvency proceedings, and provides support during staff representative information and consultation procedures.

In addition to his company support and reorganisation work, Bruno has established unique relationships with the entertainment industry. He has a renowned reputation for his involvement in the drafting and negotiation of collective agreements for private live performances and cinema.

As a lawyer with extensive expertise, Bruno not only supports the firm’s clients in the field of consulting, but also litigation, which he practices regularly.

Bruno also conducts training courses, often on issues related to human resources and actively contributes to the development of the firm’s innovative projects.