Our added value

A fresh look at the challenges you face

We firmly believe that the best solutions unite the company with the individuals who comprise and support it. Our lawyers work in multidisciplinary teams, sharing expertise and ideas, ensuring innovative solutions as well as a human dimension to your company projects and challenges.

Working closely with our clients, we offer guidance at all stages through the practical implementation of our recommended solutions.

A comprehensive response to your needs

Vaughan Avocats strives for best performance, optimisation, and legal due-diligence. All of the firm’s skills are incorporated in its fields of expertise: human resources, international mobility, mergers and acquisitions, fund raising, business relationships, taxation, competition, distribution, real estate and intellectual property. Keen to offer comprehensive, bespoke solutions tailored to companies, their senior executives and shareholders, the firm may enlist the assistance of other consultants who are recognised for their expertise.

Our approach

The law as a tool

The law is an evolutionary matter; it must reflect individual situations and challenges. As a strategic tool, it forms part of a comprehensive solution. With this in mind, Vaughan Avocats has developed a collaborative approach involving external business partners. The firm is committed to establishing a wide network of professional consultants who are experts in their field: organisation consultants, audit, accounting and payroll management firms, R&D consultants, merchant banks, legal translators, strategy and financing consultants, to name but a few.


Developing the corporate strategy

Vaughan Avocats is regularly called upon to support executive directors in defining and implementing their corporate strategy.

For this purpose, our lawyers liaise with all stakeholders : shareholders, executive management, managers, trade union representatives, Works Councils and Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committees, employees, banks, investment funds, consultants…

The underlying rationale of our action is to unite all involved parties around an ambitious corporate strategy.

Our history


2005: Opening of the Paris office specialising in social security law, mergers and acquisitions and fund raising.
2006: Opening of the Toulouse office. Fields of expertise expand to include international mobility.
2008: Opening of the Sophia Antipolis office.
2010: Appointment of the first business taxation partner.
2011: Fields of expertise expand to include real estate and construction.

2012: Appointment of a competition and distribution partner. Opening of an office in Bamako (Mali).
2013: Opening of the Rennes office. The Toulouse office welcomes 4 new partners. Arrival of a partner heading up our Intellectual Property and Digital Rights practice.
2014: Election of a new Managing Partner and implementation of a new governance structure. Opening of an office in Versailles. Three director associates are promoted to partners. The firm passes the 50 lawyers threshold.